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Resource Conservation Performance of Fish Powder Stinky Trea

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Fish powder deodorant treatment equipment can save resources is an important basis for people to use it, so what are its energy conservation performance?
1, the reaction speed, the stay time is very short(only a few seconds), the treatment effect is good, control reaction conditions odor material can be completely decomposed.
2, start, stop is very fast, that is, open and ready to use, not affected by the temperature, there is no biological law complex biological domestication and training process, the operation is extremely simple, of course, there is no need to send full-time guards, saving manpower.
3, the structure is simple, covers a small area, can also be built directly above the pollution source, do not occupy another place.
4, the reaction process only needs to use electricity, without adding other auxiliary agents and fillings, can greatly save operating costs.
The above four points are the performance of fishmeal odor treatment equipment to save resources, whether you meet the requirements?
There are many functions of fishmeal equipment. Drying and drying techniques are two common functions. Compared with other functions, the drying time of fishmeal equipment is shorter, but care should be taken to clean the equipment after use.
After the fishmeal equipment is running normally, it should also collect the material regularly, check the operation of each system regularly, and record the process parameters. At the end, the heating device should first be turned off, and water should be used instead of the material to flush the material residue liquid, and then the material pump should be closed.
When the inlet temperature is reduced below 100 °C, the operation of the fan and fan can be stopped. Then clean up the drying tower and duster residue, close the duster and air hammer, finally close the total power supply, complete the production operation.
3, when the water can not be washed off, apply a brush to wash. Because the residual material on the spray plate will cause spray imbalance, which will seriously affect the life of the nozzle and even damage other parts.
In addition, the placement of fishmeal equipment is also very important, and the incorrect placement will bend the spindle and affect the use.

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